Flow Regimes > Regime 6: Homogeneous Transport

6: Homogeneous transport, Cvt≈Cvs.

The turbulent forces interacting with the particles are so strong that the mixture has an almost uniform composition throughout the cross-section of the pipe. True homogeneous flows is not possible, since for the turbulent forces to overcome gravity, a concentration gradient has to exist. Pseudo homogeneous regimes usually occur with very fine particles or at very high line speeds. The pressure losses in this regime can be modeled using the equivalent liquid model. It is assumed that the spatial volumetric concentration Cvs and the volumetric transport (delivered) concentration Cts are almost equal. The pressure losses can be determined with the equivalent liquid model.

The Shields parameter is very high above the Shields curve, resulting in a suspension. The total pressure loss is determined by the work carried out by lift forces and turbulent dispersion.

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