1961 Fuhrboter

   05 Fuhrboter (1961) LDV

Sand Limit Deposit Velocity


The graphs support the following papers:

  1. Miedema, S.A., “Slurry Transport, an Analytical Approach to Explain the Fuhrboter Equation”. Maritime Engineering Journal 2014, Special Dredging Issue.

Material from this website is free to use, but if you use it in a publication or report please add the following reference:
Miedema, S.A., "The Delft Head Loss & Limit Deposit Velocity Model". www.dredgingengineering.com. Delft, The Netherlands, 2012-now.

The original data of Fuhrboter (1961), FL versus the concentration Cvs, reconstructed.

The  data of Fuhrboter (1961), FL versus the concentration Cvs, including the relative submerged density Rsd.


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