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We noticed that many visitors like to view and/or download the many papers we show on this site. We will try to put more interesting publications on this website whenever we encounter it.


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06A The Relative Excess Hydraulic Gradient, Graded Sands & Gravels, Cvs
10 Comparing Heterogeneous Models based on the Relative Excess Hydraulic Gradient
11: Dp=1.1000 m, Wasp, Wilson & SRC versus DHLLDV
10: Dp=1.1000 m, A Comparison Of Different Models
06: Dp=1.1000 m, The Transition Heterogeneous-Homogeneous Flow Regimes

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Dp=0.0254 m (1 inch)
Dp=0.0508 m (2 inch)
Dp=0.1016 m (4 inch)
Dp=0.1524 m (6 inch)
Dp=0.2032 m (8 inch)

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The Delft Sand, Clay & Rock Cutting Model (DSCRC) 
The Delft Head Loss & Limit Deposit Velocity Framework (DHLLDV) 

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