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    Pumps Lecture Notes Vlasblom for the Course of Matousek (2679)

Pumps and Pipelines

Centrifugal pumps are particular suitable for pumping solids due to a small number of moveable part.

More advantages of this pump type are:

a continuous pump capacity

the possibility of a direct drive

relatively cheap and maintenance friendly

Centrifugal pumps (dredge pumps) as used in the dredging industry are to distinguished by "ordinary water pumps" by:

a large bore in the impeller as well as in the pump casing, without any restriction in the direction of the flow.

at the impeller inlet the bore is most small

a small number (3, 4 or 5) and short vanes in the impeller as a compromise between a large bore and an efficient pump action

a large clearance between the cutwater (Dutch puntstuk) and the impeller (10 to 20% of the impeller diameter

An easy replacement of wear parts

the use of gland water for flushing the space between the impeller shrouds and the wearing plates on the pump cover, in order to prevent particles to enter the shaft seals

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