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In this section you can find publications and reports on the fundamental research on sand cutting under water.
This research includes the research into sand cutting with large blade angles and deviated blade angles (snow plough effect).

The research started in 1983 and is still going on.

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    26 - Simulation of cutting process by hybrid granular and multibody dynamics software (1815)

Cutting processes are common for many geotechnical, mining, dredging and bulk materials handling cases. Understanding the interactive phenomena between granular materials and cutting tools is very important for designing or evaluating cutting process. Currently few researchers are conducting research to analyze bulk materials and cutting machine mechanical interaction.

Simple dry sand cutting is analyzed with computational experiments in this paper to supplement the knowledge in this field. Granular dynamics software (EDEMTM) and Multibody dynamics software (MSC.ADAMSTM) are used to simulate sand and cutting tools operation respectively. This computational experiment represents the complete cutting process including initial and steady state.

Previously cutting methods were simulated by discrete element methods without proper loading effects from blade on bulk materials. It has been overcome in this work by using MBD software and the output is then compared with sand cutting analytical model of Miedema (2009).

  • Authors: Rahman, M, Schott, D.L., Miedema, S.A., Lodewijks, G.
  • Year: 2010
  • Title: Simulation of cutting process by hybrid granular and multibody dynamics software
  • Occasion: 3rd International Conference on Bulksolids.
  • Issue: Glasgow, Scotland, 2010
  • Pages: 8 pages
  • Type: Conference Paper
  • Publisher: Delft University
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