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 Resources: Publications and Reports

In this section you can find publications and reports on the fundamental research on sand cutting under water.
This research includes the research into sand cutting with large blade angles and deviated blade angles (snow plough effect).

The research started in 1983 and is still going on.

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    06 - Calculation of the Cutting Forces when Cutting Water Saturated Sand. (2120)

Basic Theory and Applications for 3-D Blade Movements and Periodically Varying Velocities for, in Dredging Commonly used Excavating Means

Lecture notes 1058

  • Authors: Miedema, S.A.
  • Year: 1987
  • Title: Calculation of the Cutting Forces when Cutting Water Saturated Sand
  • Occasion: PhD Thesis
  • Issue: September 15th 1987
  • Pages: 604 pages
  • Type: PhD Thesis
  • Publisher: Delft University of Technology
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