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 Resources: Dredging and Offshore Engineering Lecture Notes

This category will show you the lecture notes used in the course Offshore Hydromechanics OE4620/OE4630 of the MSc Offshore Engineering of the Delft University.

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    OE4630 Offshore Hydromechanics Module 2 (1559)

Module 2 of the course on Offshore Hydromechanics OE4630

The dynamics of rigid bodies and ‡uid motions are governed by the combined actions of di¤erent external forces and moments as well as by the inertia of the bodies themselves. In ‡uid dynamics these forces and moments can no longer be considered as acting at a single point or at discrete points of the system. Instead, they must be regarded as distributed in a relatively smooth or a continuous manner throughout the mass of the fluid particles.

The force and moment distributions and the kinematic description of the ‡uid motions are in fact continuous, assuming that the collection of discrete ‡uid molecules can be analyzed as a continuum.

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