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 Resources: Dredging and Offshore Engineering Lecture Notes

This category will show you the lecture notes used in the course Offshore Hydromechanics OE4620/OE4630 of the MSc Offshore Engineering of the Delft University.

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    OE4630 Offshore Hydromechanics Module 3 (1161)

Module 3 of the course on Offshore Hydromechanics OE4630

A physical description of nonlinear wave excitation forces as well as the response of floating structures has been given in chapter 6, where the so-called second order wave drift forces are described. They consist of mean wave drift forces and low-frequency wave drift forces. Both are the result of a non-linear behavior of the structure in the waves.

The present chapter - in which the theory is part based for a major part on the doctor’s thesis of [Pinkster, 1980] on low-frequency second order wave exciting forces on floating structures - starts by describing situations in which higher order wave forces are important.

These motivate the more detailed treatment of the associated computations later in this chapter.

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