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 Resources: Dredging and Offshore Engineering Lecture Notes

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    09 Lecture Notes Matousek Chapter 7 (1444)


These lecture notes cover two parts of the course OE4625 "Dredge Pumps and Slurry Transport":

- the hydraulic transport of solids in pipelines and

- the co-operation of pumps and pipeline in a hydraulic dredging system.

An aim of these lecture notes is not only to review the basic rules and models for handling mixture transport in dredging installations but also to explain the physical processes governing the mixture transport and their description in predictive models. The lecture notes contain all information required to pass an examination on the studied subjects. Principles of mixture flow through a dredging installation are described using various models in these lecture notes. For the examination an application of one of the models (preferably the best one to solve the specific problem) is sufficient.

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