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    Lecture Notes Dredging Processes Rock Cutting (1759)

The Rock Cutting Process

Rock is a natural occurrence mass of cohesive organic or inorganic material, which forms a part earth crest of which most rocks are composed of one or more minerals. [van Rossen, 1987]

Rocks can be classified in different ways. The most used classification is based on their origin, in which the following classes can be distinguished.

  1. 1. Igneous rock; a rock that has solidified from molten rock material (magma), which was generated within the Earth. Well known are granite and basalt

  2. 2. Sedimentary rock; a rock formed by the consolidation of sediment settle out in water, ice of air and accumulated on the Earth’s surface, either on dry land or under water. Examples are sandstone, lime stone and clay stone

  3. 3. Metamorphic rock; any class of rocks that are the result of partial or complete recrystallisation in the solid state of pre-existing rocks under conditions of temperature and pressure that are significantly different from those obtaining at the surface of the Earth.

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