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    21-Lecture Notes Dredging Processes Production Estimation (1417)
Production Estimation Based on Cutting Theories The cutting process of a cutterhead is very complicated. Not only do the blades have a three-dimensional shape; also, the velocities on the blades are threedimensional, with respect to their direction, due to a combination of the swing velocity and the circumferential velocity. Other excavating elements such as dredging wheels, blades in dragheads and trenchers, may not look that complicated, but will also require the three-dimensional cutting theory to fully describe the cutting process. In 1994, Miedema [8] described the threedimensional cutting theory. To derive forces, torque, power, specific energy and production from the above-mentioned theories, requires complicated calculations, while the soil mechanics parameters of the sand have to be known. Mostly, only the SPT value of the sand is known.

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